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Step 1:  Start at the VA Website:
Step 2:  Read and review the "Student Bill of Rights"
See below.
Step 4:  Obtain a copy of your DD214.  If you do not have a copy, you may request one through the following link:
Step 5:  Print a copy of your Military Transcripts to bring when you register.  Use the links below.
Step 3:  Apply for your GI Bill benefits.  If approved you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility.  Bring this copy to the school.  It will explain the parameters of your benefits.  This link will break down your payments, etc. 
(Enter: California College of Physical Arts for school name)
Student Bill of Rights
Considerations Prior to Enrollment
PDF Version
Step 6:  Contact the School's Certifying Official, Michelle Mangano, to arrange a tour and meeting.
This document must be given to enrolling veterans and eligible persons when using GI Bill education benefits at a private postsecondary institution approved for the training of veterans by the California State Approving Agency.  This is provided for informational purposes only and is intended to give you guidance in order to optimize the use of your VA education benefits:
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