Massage Practitioner – 600 Hours

(Qualifies for CAMTC Massage Therapist Certification)


Course Objectives: This program is designed to train therapist with a strong knowledge in the areas of anatomy and physiology and prepare the therapist to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam, (MBLEx) for CAMTC certification requirements. There is an increased emphasis on; pathology, kinesiology, formula massage, deep transverse friction, Myofascial Release, stretching, client assessment and treatment protocol. Additional classes include Sports & Medical Massage which provides a deeper understanding of body maintenance techniques as well as an introduction to Oncology Massage.


Students are introduced to Asian modalities with either Acupressure or Shiatsu classes.  Since there is no prerequisite for either class, they may be taken at any time during the program. The last 100 hours prepare students for success in the industry by focusing on test-taking skills, business skills and self- care.


Program includes the following Courses:

Massage Technician - 100 hours                               

Massage Therapist I - 100 hours

Massage Therapist II - 100 hours                

Sports & Medical Massage - 100 hours

Acupressure or Shiatsu - 100 hours                       

Business Practices Practicum - 25 hours

Advanced Curriculum - 25 hours

Self-Care for the Massage Therapist - 50 hours

Clinics (Progressively longer shifts) - 30 hours

Total Hours:                         600 hours
Course Completion: To successfully complete the Massage Practitioner Certification; students must pass all quizzes and tests with a minimum score of 80% accuracy and submit completed homework packets for each class. The student will also demonstrate the Massage routines associated with each class within the allotted time frame using the proper draping, body mechanics and hand positions with a minimum score of 90%. They must have an attendance of 90% of credit hours. Students must also complete a total of 25 hours in the Student Clinic and participate in (1) one community event. Note: VA students are exempt from the community event requirement.
600 hours Massage Practitioner Training Program:            $8,100.00