• Feels Like A Thumb, Slightly Softer Than A Thumb, Point Is The Same Width As A Thumb - Your Client Won't Know The Difference
  • The Shape Concentrates Force At The Point - 8X The Pressure Applied At The Base
  • Those With Weak Hands Can Generate A LOT Of Pressure - People Giving The Massage Can Save Your Thumbs!
  • Use It Heated - Use It Chilled - Use It Dry - Use It With Oil - Use It On The Skin - Use It Through Clothing
  • Multiple Geometries For Massage - Use The Point, Slope, Shoulder And Base


  • The Thumbby Massager Is A Revolutionary New Massage Tool that has been designed w/ the professional & general public in mind. This goes for massage therapists, pt's, physicians, personal trainers, chiropractors, people who love to give & receive a massage, and anyone who wants to generate some easy self-care. Easy to use, it actually feels like a thumb to the receiving party. It can go deep w/o that unyielding feeling that a lot of hard massage tools provide. It is slightly softer than a thumb, and the point is the same width as a thumb. The shape of the Thumbby concentrates force at the point by 8x what is applied at the base, which means that someone w/ weak hands can put their body weight onto a thumb-sized point that never tires out. Soft & comfortable to hold, it yields the same way a thumb does when it meets resistance. The Thumbby has multiple geometries for massage. You can use the point, slope, shoulder & base to find the right angle to apply pressure to a muscle. It doesn't slip (on dry skin). It has a higher co-efficient of friction than a thumb, which makes it better than a thumb for cross-fiber friction massage, and can be used through a persons clothing. The Thumbby sticks to walls, with the base having enough suction to stick onto a smooth surface. Stick it to a door and self-massage your own back, or to the floor and give yourself a fantastic self-foot massage. Weighing 6 oz, it is portable, can be used heated* (in hot water only - no direct heat or microwave) or chilled* (it's not as cold as ice and it doesn't drip), and can easily be carried in your suitcase, bags, etc. It will let you give a great deep tissue massage, even if your hands are not strong.

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